It is 14th December 2017. We celebrate the memorial of St John of the Cross, Priest and Doctor of the Church. The readings are from Isaiah 41:13-20; Psalm 144; Matthew 11:11-15. No human being can take the credit for our happiness, peace and security that is lasting whether it is personal, political, religious or social. It is God saves us and provides us with the lasting consolation. We do not need to fear anyone human being however powerful they might be politically, religiously and socially. In the first reading, the prophet Isaiah convinces that it was not the Persian King Cyrus, who freed and offered the freedom to people of Israel, but God. People of Israel misguided and over-emphasizing the part played the king; they went even to the extent of calling him the protector and the anointed, the Messiah of Israel. When we offer the honour a human being that belong only to God alone, we are not acknowledging God as our Redeemer. So many people have come into our lives and helped us to be where we and what we are in our lives today. Yet, no one can be given the place and honour that solely belongs to God. No human being could be our redeemer, the one who assists us in every level with a personal and lasting relationship. “Do not be afraid, Jacob, poor worm, Israel, puny mite. I will help you, the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer.” (Is.41:14). The responsorial Psalm praises, “The Lord is kind and full of compassion, slow to anger, abounding in love.” (Ps.144:8). The Gospel clarifies that the last prophet of the salvation history, John the Baptist played his part in bringing the people closer to God. However small, puny, little and unrecognized we are, the part we play in bringing people to God makes us known and to be recognized in the Kingdom of God. Let us play our part spiritually and socially to uplift the others especially the poor and the vulnerable. We must not replace God with our popularity and over-emphasis of our contribution to the betterment of the society and the church. Let all glory, honour and worship be given to God not to us. Let our lives bring out that loving and forgiving God in us and make others to connect with God whom we worship and love. May you have a good day.

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