It is 19th December 2017. The readings are from Judges 13:2-7, 24-25; and the Gospel from Luke 1:5-25. Advent is the time, God deals with our barrenness whether it is spiritual or physical. The disability to bear of the body, soul, and spirit is a sickness and it needs healing from the Lord. God alone can heal our fruitlessness in our lives through our self-surrender, deep commitment to prayer and faith. Fertility is the gift of God. (Gen.29:31). Infertility is considered in most instances as the absence of God’s blessings in one’s lives contributed through spiritual, biological and psychological factors involved. (Deut.7:14). God inflicts this abnormality in some instances. The readings present the birth of Samson and John the Baptist. Both couples who were barren, with one couple long past the age of child bearing. The first reading is the shares the annunciation to Manoah while the Gospel deals with the annunciation to Zechariah. God takes initiatives to heal our barrenness. God overrides the nature in helping the humanity. God reshuffles nature for His plan to save us. God does this to accomplish God’s purpose in our lives. Every child is a blessing from God as every tiny effort we make to be human and spontaneous in loving. Every one of us has a mission statement as a purpose of our lives connected to the bigger project plan of God. Our fertility and loyalty are from our God as the resources to accomplish the purpose of our existence. The responsorial Psalm acclaims, “My lips are filled with your praise, with your glory all the day long.” (Ps.70:8). The Gospel reminds us to be hopeful when God offers the good news of blessings and healing in our lives. We must never doubt the wisdom and the intervention of God however hard to believe. God wants to heal all our abnormality and fill us with the choicest blessings of fruition in every way. We can be fertile, yet not fruitful. To be fruitful, one needs to accept and cooperate with God’s plan. We all have a mission to accomplish for our loving God and the Church. We are not born for no reason. Let us not be too proud about our fertility, rather let us be humble enough to be fruitful in all we say and do. May you all have a fruitful day. God bless you.

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