It is 4th January 2018. The readings are from 1 John 3:7-10; and the Gospel from John 1:35-42. Loveless and Love-for-less life is the beginning of all sinful actions. In the first reading St. John invites to live by what we have assured of as the children of God. Loving someone is the personal choice and one must take responsibility no matter who is for it or against it. Even if the entire world is against us being holy, pure and loving person, we must stand for what we believe just because we are the children of God. Inconsistency in love paves the way for sinful lives. Sin however tiny and frivolous it might be, does not bring any blessings and peace to the one who accommodates it. We cannot afford to sin as the child of God. We make so many resolutions to move away from sin and sinful situations, and sinful people yet most the times we forget what we have decided to live and stand for. Even if one finds it hard to live according to what one has decided to live, it is always good to believe in oneself and the One God who is in ourselves, and the One who is capable of churning things around for the betterment of our lives and those around. Living a holy life needs to be seen in loving someone; after all holiness cannot happen without God’s love as the seed in each of us, which must be given the environment to sprout and spread without chocking the freedom of the seeds of love in others. The responsorial Psalm praises, “All the ends of the earth have the salvation of our God.” (Ps.97:3). The Gospel encourages us to experience love and truth in Jesus and to take the same forward to the other as St. Andrew, who introduced the Lord Jesus to St. Peter. We all in some point of our spiritual lives have experienced love and truth in Jesus. We need to spread the love of Him who died for us. However subtle hatred and division we spread using the platforms of love pollutes and contaminates the seeds of love in us and others in every way. May you have a good day. May God bless you.

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