It is 23rd January 2018. There is no need to be formal and phony in front of God. We need to be spontaneously creative in expressing our spiritual joy in front of God without offending the spiritual sentiments of the others. Everyone needs to dance to the tune of the soul when we are in front of the Lord. When we are filled with awesome wonder and humility, God plays a music for the soul to dance very personally in deep recess of our hearts. No one hears that music except the one for whom God plays it. If we are living a holy and obedient lives, we truly hear such a powerfully harmonized spiritual rhythm in our hearts expressed in our actions. People who live a life of lies and pretention do not hear the music at all and they are out of tune with the presence of God. God blesses the human soul so abundantly when it is synchronized with one’s lives. Everyone wants to be blessed by God always more specially when we begin something new in our lives. The readings are from 2 Samuel 6:12-15, 17-19; and the Gospel Mark: 3:31-35. In the first reading, we reflect about how the Ark of the Covenant was brought by David into Jerusalem, the citadel of David. David made Jerusalem the religious capital for all the people of Israel. There was so much of praise and rejoicing and dancing for the tune of God united as a nation. David knew very well that he cannot survive the heat of divisive mindedness of the people, if God would not bless him. God is interested in our spiritual expressions not the emotional outburst. Seeing the presence of God entering the city, David expressed himself so spontaneously by praising, singing and dancing. The national unity, loyalty to God and personal and communal morality expressed through the pompous procession of the Ark of the Covenant. David being the king of Israel and the spiritual leader danced with the people and he blessed them all. The reason for our singing and dancing in the church must be for Christ not for one’s own glory. We need to forget our status, pride and wealth as we express ourselves before God. When every worshiper listens to the tune that God plays and responds, then it turns to be the divine orchestra, a worship comes from the spirit and truth. Are we aware of God’s tune as we present ourselves day after day in our churches? Are we all synchronized in receiving the Lord into the citadels of our hearts? God wants to include us into God’s family through God’s Only Beloved Son Jesus. The responsorial Psalm praises, “Who is the king of glory? He, the Lord, he is the king of glory.” (Ps.23:8). Jesus clarifies the intimate relationship with the family of Jesus depends on the adherence of the Word of God. We are a family of God only when we have an intimate relationship with Jesus, the Eternal Word of the Father. May our relationship with one another be built and molded by the Word of God than just by social connections. May you have a good day.

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