It is 25th January 2018. We celebrate the Feast of the Conversion of St Paul, Apostle. The readings are from Acts 22:3-16 and the Gospel from Mark 16:15-18. In everyone’s life there is a moment of God’s intervention. Life is a journey. Somehow, someday, there is something spiritually happens that would affect the rest of our relationship with God and others. God intervenes in our lives when we are least prepared. It is indeed the most personal and penetrative and life-changing moments of discovery and change that leads to answer the following questions: who am I? Who are you, Lord to me? What am I to do? In the first readings, we meditate upon Saul’s the most unforgettable encounter with Jesus leading him to a radical conversion. A sincere conversion offers a total and willful moving away from the life of lies to embrace once and for the life of truth and love. It is not just moving out from an old belief to new belief rather it is moving out of the old totally and living and witnessing the rays of truth and love of God in our lives. Our conversion must lead us to communicate the message of love and forgiveness to the rest of the world. Faith in Jesus comes by grace and grows by the cooperation of oneself with God. We cannot remain unaffected for a long time, when we are going on destroying the Mystical Body of Christ. We all have to face the question: “Then he said to me, ‘I am Jesus of Nazareth whom you are persecuting.’ The responsorial Psalm acclaims, “God out to all the world and tell the Good News.” (Mk.16:15). The Gospel is the post-resurrection encounter between Jesus and the Eleven. Jesus offers the enormous amount of the power to those whom He authorize to preach the Good News. Jesus recognizes our worthiness to handle the Word of and to share it with other by our personal conversion. Unless we are converted deep within, we cannot proclaim the Word of God. Lord, intervene in our disorderly spiritual lives, and make us as your instruments of love and truth. May you have a good day.

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