It is 8th February 2018. We celebrate the memorials of St Jerome Emiliani, priest; and St Josephine Bakhita, virgin. The first reading is from 1 Kings 11:4-13 and the Gospel from Mark 7:24-30. The resources of God never get exhausted in our lives. But it is our unfaithfulness and faithlessness on God makes things seem impossible in our lives. A profound realisation in the greatness of God and unbiased response in faith makes everything works for us. However great we could be in our lives and whatever spiritual and political power we could reach, yet if we do not humble ourselves to be faithful to the Truth and Love that God offers daily, we might end up like the King Solomon in the first reading. God filled him with the wisdom no man could ever aspired for, yet his heart was not settled in God rather his heart was wandering looking for human company, fame, popularity, love and acceptance. His heart was not satisfied with the love and protection God gave but looking for human comfort and recognition. He married many women and their respective cultures, religions and traditions and began to worship other gods and built temples for foreign gods. Gradually, his greed for lust and fame among people costed his faith in God. Eventually he forgot God, people and nation. The responsorial Psalm prays, “O Lord, remember me out of the love you have for your people.” (Ps.105:4). In the Gospel, we reflect about the miracle of Jesus to a non-Jew who begged for healing for her daughter. For, Jesus, everyone is God’s child as long as they have faith in God and no matter which territory they come from. The whole world is the mission land for the one who believes not just the people and land we come from. Let us be focused on God at all times to serve and to love whatever the position and power we possess. When we become successful in our lives, let us not forget God and the poor. We shall all learn perseverance and single mindedness from the Syro-phonecian woman. May you have a good day. God bless you.

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