It is 15th March 2018. The readings are from Exodus 32:7-14; and the Gospel from John 5:31-47. When we forget the identity of God in our lives, we begin to identify ourselves with the idols so eaily. God has no problem in loving us. It is we who have the challenges to love God as we begin to live our lives among the people who do not share our beliefs and faith. God wants to connect with us through some people and events regularly yet we slip away and sneak out of the presence of God and creating our own God’s to smoothen our ego and pride. We create our own god’s of escape and relief when we have identified ourselves with the false image of God. Just like the people of Israel, in the first reading, we too are creating our own molten images of freedom, liberty and choices contrary to the love of God while the Church invites us to assemble under the foot of the mountain of God. Even during the time of Lent, we find it very difficult to destroy and disconnect from the molten images we have created for our sinful resort. We prefer not to hear the call of God through the Church that we are into the worship of false images, relationship and idols of our making. Moses who interceded for the people and pleaded God to show mercy to the people of Israel who had the wrong choices of worship false image and trying to replace the one who brought them out of slavery. Are we doing the same? What is the molten image, relationship or a connection that makes us not to remember what God has done to us? Lent is the time to recognise such molten calves and destroy them for good. Who is there to intercede for you in your life? It is indeed time to return to the Lord. The responsorial Psalm prays: “O Lord, remember me out of the love you have for your people.” (Ps.105:4). The Gospel reminds us to have the correct identity of Jesus. When we fail to identify Jesus as the One who came from the Father, we will surely have difficulty in following His Words of life eternal. Truth does not require testimony to stand its ground. Truth stands for itself. Truth testifies its worth its actions. Jesus is the Truth yet those who have experienced the Eternal Truth, Jesus cannot be silent spectator. Have we moved away from the Truth and worshipping images of lies. Are we looking for cheap approval and complements from one another to hide our sinfulness? You do not touch me and in turn I do not touch you attitude makes us to worship the false petty gods and creating our molten images to identify ourselves and refusing to recognise the identity of the Lord in our lives.

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