It is 26th April 2018. The readings are from Acts 13:13-25; and the Gospel from John 13:16-20. Are we presenting ourselves, our plans, our agenda, our popularity more than the One who invited us to serve? Serving God requires a deep sense of humility to put God first and acknowledge God in all that happened and done. The more we begin to blabber about ourselves, we begin a journey of creating our own routes and routs using the vineyard of the Lord. Some of us just walk away like St. Mark, when we think we a have a reason to quit the journey of Christ. Yes, it is difficult to accompany. Indeed, it is hard to accept when someone takes the helm of affairs just like St. Paul. Today’s passage presents Paul takes on the leadership even though he was a new comer and a novice in preaching and teaching. But we need to become like Barnabas who was willing to let go positions, personal fame and popularity for Christ just being a humble missionary. A typical and challenging missionary life of Barnabas, Paul and Mark is given in today’s first reading. We need to admit that missionary life is not for everyone. St. Paul began the teaching about Christ in a synagogue where the pious Jews attended the prayers. St. Paul led them to reflect and trace the salvation history up to John the Baptist and pointing out how Jesus, as Saviour and Messiah long awaited from the descendants of David. The responsorial Psalm praises, “I will sing for ever of your love, O Lord.” (Ps.88:2). The Gospel clarifies the purpose of being a follower is to serve and to represent Christ than to replace Him. Most of the works we do and words we speak do not even mention Christ. After washing the feet of the apostles, Jesus said, “No servant is greater than his master, no messenger is greater than the man who sent him.” (Jn.13: 16). We need to serve the humanity in humble service and to obey God by the adherence to the Word of God. This is what makes us happy and contented person. We are all sent for a reason to serve not to be the boss and the masters. We are called by Jesus to continue the mission on earth through our obedience and humility expressed through charity. May God grant us the courage to be the servants and messengers for Christ in a given situation. May you have a good day.

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