It is 8th May 2018. The readings are from Acts 16:22-34; and the Gospel from John 16:5-11. In our Christian living, we all have to face the spiritual realities of sin, judgement and righteousness. To portray Jesus as our Saviour, one needs to believe and do things that would make others to believe in Him. In the first reading we read about the imprisonment of St. Paul and Silas. There is an opportunity for them to run away from the prison when the earth quake shook the entire prison and they were freed from the shackles. Yet the inmates of the prison decided to stay back that moved the heart of the prison guard to believe and accept Jesus as the Saviour for himself and for the entire household. When we are praising and worshiping in a situation, however painful it could be, it would evoke the spirit in the others. Can we able to pray and praise when we are mistreated, abused and humiliated? The answer from the life of St. Paul and his companion is yes and it attracts the others to come closer to God. No matter who ill-treats us and abuse us, let us continue to do good and praise God. When the Spirit of Truth appears during the time of prayer and praise, He will lead them to the fullest truth. The responsorial Psalm intercedes, “You stretch out your hand and save me, O Lord.” (Ps.137:7). In the Gospel, Jesus explains the reason for which He had to return to the Father. It is the Spirit of God who comes when Jesus goes back to the Father to show us all where did we go wrong with regarding to sin, judgement and righteousness. Sin is always wrong to undermine the power of Jesus. Sin is ugly and makes one dirty by refusing to believe Jesus as the Son of God and Saviour. The Holy Spirit would make us understand that what sin has done to us personally and at large. It is the same Spirit of truth would clarify our minds to understand judgement as the eternal condemnation pronounced by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus and His righteousness is proven by ascending to the Father. The personal conversion is not possible without the help of the Holy Spirit. May God help us to lead people away from sin and to make them meet Christ Jesus in our personal and spiritual lives. May you have a good day. God bless you.

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