It is 11th May 2018. The readings are from Acts 18:9-18; and the Gospel from John 16:20-23. The Lord is always with us when we work for Him and for the Good News. It is indeed difficult for us to feel it at times when things seem to go not our way and the people who we rendered help turn against us. No matter what or whoever with their power stand against us and threatening us, we must always be assured that the Lord has the power and people to protect us and provide the security we require to pass on His love. Whoever is speaking on behalf of Jesus, do not be afraid of any human agents, however powerful they could be, who wish to get rid of us will fall short soon. Let nothing stop us speaking for the Lord and for the Good News. Not all of us would be given a vision like that of St. Paul, yet we must know He is with us. Only a few like St. Paul are given a special vision to be assured so intimately. In the first reading, we reflect that St. Paul is being assured by the Lord Jesus that he does not need to worry about those who wish to silence or harm him physically because He is with him and in his ministry. “Do not be afraid but speak and do not be silent; for I am with you, and no one will lay a hand on you to harm you, for there are many in this city who are my people.” (Acts: 18:9). The responsorial Psalm praises, “God is king of all the earth.” (Ps.46:8). The Gospel assures all those who follow Christ that their sorrow and pain are temporary and the Lord would turn them into joy in His time. “So you have pain now; but I will see you again, and your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take your joy from you.” (Jn.16:22). Life is hopeless without Jesus. Jesus is our hope even amidst all that we go through in our lives. Our life-giving hope is centred around Christ always. When our hearts and souls are resilient for Christ, no one in the world would be able to make us sad and sorrowful. What we need today is the unshakable faith in Christ. Let us not be afraid of the enemies of Christ and the Church. The Lord himself will deal with them in His time. There is a joy in believing the Risen Lord and there is a power in holding hands with the Holy Spirit. Let us not be anxious of anything or anyone, we shall continue working for the Lord and His Church. Be strengthened human soul, the Lord Jesus is with you to accomplish His plans in your life and to be assured that the joy that the Lord alone could offer no one else in the entire world. The assurance of presence of Jesus in our lives is there always unless we are willing to encounter Him in the unfolding moments of our lives. May you have a good day. God bless you.

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