It is 25th May 2018. We celebrate the Africa Day today. Let us pray for unity among us and to have a self-respect that does not infringe the rights of the others. May all forms of hatred, violence and political, and philosophical divide disappear from the hearts of children of Africa. May Mother of Africa unite all her 54 children as one family one day. May our children and youth be offered adequate platforms and possibilities around the States of Africa to groom themselves academically, economically, socially, politically and spiritually; willing learn from one another and to allowing others to grow as we all wish to be. We pray that there is going to be an integral development among all these countries from the same continent and continue to be alert about the elements that divide from within and from outside. The solidarity and unity that is aspired be attained by all states of the African continent. We too celebrate the memorial of St. Bede, Priest and Doctor, St. Gregory VII, Pope and St Mary Magdalene de’Pazzi, Virgin. The readings are from James 5:9-12; Psalm 102; Mark 10:1-12. We live in social conditions around the world where there is so much of violence and hatred safe guarding the evil structures and governments who are promoting a divisive mentality among the people. The lack of governance, transparency and common good. Individual political parties only think of the election ahead refusing to address the issues that matter to people. The elected governments have a selective few in mind to please and protect while the most are ignored, ill-treated and abused by the machineries of the government. Standing for rights of humanity to have clean environment, a protected shelter and a good food are considered today as the anti-government and anti-elements of the society. This has threatened the very fibres of the unity, peace and harmony among the people. We have come to a situation in which our militaries, police and the security agencies guarding the fortress of the few than to guard the people. “The Judge (God) is already to be seen waiting at the gates.” (James 5:9). Let us be faithful and strong to encourage one another when we have been cheated, abused, brutally exposed by the very people whom we have trusted whether in government, church and in society at large. The responsorial Psalm praises, “The Lord is compassion and love.” (Ps.102:8). The Gospel teaches us that the love between person must be genuine, transparent and respectful. The mutual love between the couples must provide the environment for the children, and the enriching companionship of the couples and for the welfare of the society. God wants all the marriages to be protected by the loving and caring environment of the society. Without healthy families, there is no healthy society. Let us safeguard the links of the marriage and family to provide the integral growth and development to all the beneficiaries of the marriage. May God bless Africa and please pray for the children of Africa that they all be one beyond the boundaries of cultural, tribal, lingual and political divisions.

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