It is 15th June 2018. The readings are from 1 Kings 19:9, 11-16; and the Gospel from Matthew 5:27-32. The ideal is unreachable at times yet it is the one thing we all need to strive forward to reach. Out of frustration and fear we bump into a moment of release and renewal. Running away from God will never take us anywhere. No matter who wants us to do away with, still there is hope and blessings in God alone. In sincerity and gentleness, we encounter God more intimately than in a shouting environment and grand performances of healing miracles. It is mostly in that subtle, sacred, singular moments of faithfulness makes us to fall back to God. In the first reading, prophet Elijah the last man standing presents himself before God on the Mount Horeb. God met him in an unassuming way. The prophet wanted God to perform a mighty work but God did not and therefore he was angry on God. God does not come into our lives mostly with lots of noise. God does permeate into our lives in a very simple, silent way when we have no way to go. At times, there are many people who wish to harm us, yet God has a bigger plan for us to do something for God and God’s people. Untangling the knots of lives is indeed challenging mostly when we do it ourselves. Are we running away from our sinfulness and fear? God still wants to train us for His works to be completed when we are anxious, worried, fearsome, and feel so tiny in front mammoth issues of life. God can deal any issues of our lives when we become truly commit our life to God. Even though in the past (Ex.19:16-19), God revealed himself in the earthquake, the wind and the fire, but now God wishes to reveal himself in the ‘sound of a gentle breeze.’ (1 Kgs.19:12). In the silence and gentleness, God enters our lives always. If we have a single-hearted and mindedness, we shall surly experience the dabbing of the Spirit of God in our lives. The responsorial Psalm intercedes, “It is your face, O Lord, that I seek.” (Ps.26:8). The Gospel teaches us that we must honour what we have promised and to uphold the values of purity, fidelity and single-heartedness. It is those internal dispositions of heart and soul are much more of a value than that of harnessing the external appraisals. We may be appreciated for the external performances in our lives mostly but God admires and rewards the internal purity and fidelity. We cannot express love in action while we ponder lust in our thoughts. Jesus wants to protect the boundaries of the marriage and inviting us to consider to let go of what love most for the sake attaining the eternal happiness in Heaven. Let not the passing pleasures of life steal the permanent happiness of our soul. The sanctity of life and marriage is restored by its faithfulness and singular commitment to God and one another. Let us stand up for truth and be aware of all kinds of duplicity and fake love in our lives. May God help us to encounter God in those subtle moments of our lives. May you have a good day.

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