It Is 18th June 2018. The readings are from 1 Kings 21:1-16; and the Gospel from Matthew 5:38-42. We all love to be a giver as a parent, a spouse, a leader and follower of Christ. Have we mastered the way of giving selflessly and to be aware of the tantrums of receiving anyway? We have today in the first reading, a king behaves throws tantrums of getting the things he wished for. Instead of leading the king to a right way of approaching this desire to have someone’s property, the wife dances the tune of tantrums the husband throws. The queen Jezebel gave to her husband the king’s desire at the cost of murdering Naboth, a just man and coveting the property to appease the tantrums of the king. He behaved like an immature big baby who wants the things done by all means no matter who goes through suffering. This is a kind of pampering we see in our homes, religious institutions, the governments and in the society at large. The responsorial Psalm intercedes, “Give heed to my groaning, O Lord.” (Ps.5:2). In the Gospel Jesus teaches us to adhere the ideal and the correct way of giving is not evil for evil. Lies and cheating will destroy the inner peace gradually. Naboth is the role model when the evil people conspire and cognise evil, he did not fight back with another evil. There is an inherent reaction to the other when we are attacked either physically, emotionally or intellectually. We wish to attack back either on a self-defence or to establish the truth we believe in. Yes, we have the right to react but not with the evil intentions. Our intentions of selfless giving must supremely outdo the intentions of the evil door. May the Lord help us to recognise the evil tantrums people throw in our families, churches and society to get whatever they want and may we obtain the appropriate approach in giving without leaning on the evil. May you have a good day.

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