It is 28th June 2018. We celebrate the memorial of St Irenaeus of Lyons, Bishop and Martyr. The readings are from 2 Kings 24:8-17; and the Gospel from Matthew 7:21-29. Building is the most vital task in everyone’s life. Some build nations and communities, some others build families, a few of us build our congregations and institutions and so on. But who is building and with what and on whom are we building makes the structure lasting and beneficial to those whom it is built. A young and unskilled person building a community, a parish, a family when he himself needs guidance like that of the first reading in which we see a teenager became king and ruined the nation with his fancy ideas and popular living. It is during this young man’s rule; the temple and the kingdom were surrendered to the Babylonian king who looted the temple and took the people in slavery. Who do we put out trust in matters for a lasting building. We cannot build a family, a parish, a community and a nation with such young people who even though endowed with so many modern skills and qualities yet lacking the respect for the elders, indifferent to the counsel from the elders, and to have their way or no way attitude. When our life is displeasing the Lord, we will not be able to build the hearts of people. Most of the times, when we have failed building families, communities, and nation, we end up spending all our resources and talents in building some concrete fortresses for our business purposes not for the spiritual up-building of souls. Look at the mighty churches we have built all around the world; they are getting empty every day. It is the direct outcome of failure to build the community and families on the Rock of all ages, God. We are building our selfish glory and personal advertisements. Let us start building human communities and families based on the foundation of Christ not by the proposals of the corporate world. The pity is we now wish to build our visions, mission statements bringing some corporates who never believed in the foundations and principles of the Church. Very seldom, we find the corporate world invite a spiritual person whether he is a priest or a sister to build their company. May we learn to build people with the faith and experiences of God we have experienced personally than to rely on some super-duper skills and plans of someone. Let us not secularize everything that is of a spiritual value. The responsorial Psalm pleads, “Rescue us, O Lord, for the glory of you name.” (Ps.78:9). The Gospel teaches us that the right intention is the foundation for the enriching and up-building actions. In in all our efforts of building, we must always do the will of God. A sermon not substantiated in action, prayer without charity, building without the foundation is like ignoring the will of God and doing our own things. Doing God’s will is so much vital for our spiritual life than performing miracles and proclaiming the Word of God to the top of the roof. When our life is not built on the Word of God, all our display of works for our personal glory like a home built on a sand. Who is building our lives? On whom are we building our lives? Have we entrusted our lives to someone to build our lives when his/her own life is built on the sand not on the everlasting Rock, the Word of God? May God give us the wisdom and prudence to build our lives on Christ and remain blessed. May you have a good day.

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