It is 17th July 2018. The readings are from Isaiah 7:1-9; and the Gospel from Matthew 11:20-24. God has no regrets in blessing us and establishing the bond with us. It is up to us count those blessings and acknowledge them duly in our lives. Our hearts are looking for human company more than the divine accompaniment. We wish to have alliances and agreements with the powerful and popular people in the society forgetting the lasting and rewarding relationship is only with God. No person can defend us just like the Lord does. We are living in a world where there is a constant alignment of creating a superpower by realignment and reengagement completely forgetting the supreme power is God. Every nation aspires to be the super power by creating friendship with the ones even though they oppose each other tooth and nail in many issues. We want to come to power, grab a position and be a super star by creating friendships and adjustments that would hurt us in the long run without establishing the relationship with God that requires for the lasting happiness. “But if you do not stand by me, you will not stand at all.” (Is.7:9). The first reading teaches us that we must not be afraid of any human power that would make us to depart from the humble submission of God’s power. The prophet Isaiah warns the people of Israel to align with God to be the nation what God wants to be. “Pay attention, keep calm, have no fear, do not let your heart sink because of these two smouldering stumps of firebrands.” (Is.7:4). Let us not be afraid of any power that is threatening in our lives when we have leaned on the Lord. God takes care of our fears and worries no matter how terrorizing they might be. God will defend us anyway if we stand firm in faith. The responsorial Psalm praises, “God upholds his city for ever.” (Ps.47:9). The Gospel observes that God has nothing to lose when we have chosen not to acknowledge the deeds of the Lord in our lives. When we ourselves know that God is our help and security, why are we still cutting the ties with God? God tries by all means to establish and enter into our lives every micro second of our existence. There is nothing to fear when the Lord is near; we need to deal with the issues of faith that makes us to deviate from God. Nothing is going to change in our lives unless we change our ways and acquaintances that would bring about change in the Lord. May our faith in the Lord help us to be humble and charitable all the more than those who do not believe in the Lord. May you have a good day. God bless you.

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