It is 19th July 2018. The readings are from Isaiah 26:7-9, 12, 16-19; and the Gospel from Matthew 11:28-30. God’s judgements are fair and just. We can find fault with the way things turn out for us because we have hoped much and expected the easy and trouble-free life. The burdens of life are not that easy to bear. As we live a life of hope and trust, we will begin to feel the burden in our lives. Some burdens we acquire just by living. There are burdens put on by others. Whatever the heaviness of the burden, we need to carry on in our lives. It is going to be easy and supportive, when we hold on and lean on God. God will bring the best out of every painful and unbearably burdensome life situations. What we hope for and pray for, we may not get it at all the time and yet God is still just and right in allowing us to go through the life situation. We are bewildered in pain when we see and witness the things happen exactly the opposite of we wished and prayed for yet God makes us all the stronger by the inevitable. God never disappoints and dumps us with the pain and burdens of life. God alone understands our pain in its intensity when we have no one to turn to in times of despair and isolation. God alone provides the way out even in closed situations of our life. God prevails in human conditions. The first reading teaches us that God never let down anyone who are honest and humble trusting in the Lord. A trouble-free life comes by following the ways of the Lord. All what we suffer is that all we deserve. God is our peace and blessings at all times. No matter what the life situation, we need to continue to walk with the Lord. We wait on the Lord patiently what the Lord is going to do in our lives. “Lord, you are giving us peace, all we have accomplished is really from you.” (Is.26:12). We are utterly helpless and look for salvation and we cannot give the help and salvation by ourselves. Human efforts end up mostly in pain but our hope is in the Lord, the light for our darkened life arises from God alone. We rise again and awake from the dust of inhuman treatment of the burdens of life. The responsorial Psalm comforts us telling, “The Lord looked down from heaven to the earth.” (Ps.101:20). The Gospel consoles and offers us hope in Jesus for all those who are at verge of giving up on God due to the way the life has treated them so far. Our life is in the hands of the Lord who makes our burden lighter and easier to carry. Christ Jesus alone can free us from any burden that we are still carrying and becoming worn out and broken. Jesus is more than willing to lighten our burden by offering the rest we required to move on in our lives. “For I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” (Mt.11:29). Life could be unfair and a failed promise yet God is fair and faithful being just and righteous. With the help of God, there is no burden is heavy anymore. The presence and assurance of Jesus makes the difference in our lives. May we place our trust in God completely, even when everything has shattered to the core. May God bless you to enjoy God’s peace in times of pain and brokenness.

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