It is 27th July 2018. The readings are from Jeremiah 3:14-17; and the Gospel from Matthew 13:18-23. Our affluence, comfortability and all-knowing-mentality make us to move from God and begin to rely on ourselves. This growing attitude justifies us to take God for granted. We begin to believe that we are the masters of our destinations and journeys and we do not need God anymore to be successful. To be fruitful in life, one needs to assimilate the fragments of life. Discernment, discretion and direction in our life has to come from credible persons who believe in God and in the welfare of the humanity. Selfish, sinful, segregating people cannot be the leaders. If anyone wishes to be led and motivated by such kinds of people, they cannot be fruitful even in a minimum level. In the first reading, the prophet Jeremiah reminds the people of Israel that what made them to be disloyal to God and forgetting the leadership of God in their life. He invited them to return to the owner of the souls that is God. “Come back, disloyal children, for I alone am your master.” (Jer.3:14). Let us allow God to be our master all the time in our lives. Relying on God does not reduce us in any way rather we become surer of the way and journey with God as our master. The responsorial Verse acclaims, “The Lord will guard us as a Shepherd guards his flock.” (Jer.31:10). The Gospel presents us with the types of people who receive the Word of God and the impact of the Word of God on them. It points out four kinds of people namely: the rootless, the clueless, the careless and the fruitful. It is all about the disposition of the heart, the willingness of the soul, the cooperation of the core of the person are so much required for the fruitfulness. Unless we deal with our rootlessness, cluelessness, carelessness, we remain fruitless. We need to make effort to collaborate with God to be fruitful. Our faith needs to be nurtured with the sufficient actions that manifest the love of God. Harvest depends on the harnessing of the soil, provision and enrichment of the adequate timely requirement to the soil. We too need to take care, provide and protect our hearts and souls to be productive. May the Lord help us to deal with our disloyalty and unfaithfulness to be fruitful to the humanity. May you have a good day. God bless you.

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