It is 27th September 2018. We celebrate the memorial of St Vincent de Paul. A saintly and a compassionate priest towards serving poor. He started a Congregation to serve exclusively for the poor and they are lovingly called Vincentians. One of the lay groups that is truly at the service of the poor even today. The readings are from Ecclesiastes 1:2-11; and the Gospel from Luke 9:7-9. Life is indeed empty and meaningless without any purpose when God has no place in it. We all get boggled down and broken so soon when we are not giving meaning to our life. Jesus offered the meaning to life by sacrificing and self-surrendering. For us, death is not a destination rather it is a door that leads us to the long-awaited life with God. We enjoy and cherish life as a free gift from God when we begin to share it with the others in an unbiased and non-violent relationships. Our life is indeed the one-time chance to believe and practice love and mercy and to be optimistic about all that life could offer to the welfare another human being. It is going to be empty, futile and vanity of vanities when it is lived only for ourselves. Life is full of optimism and innumerable possibilities as long as it is lived for the other. No life can celebrate its destiny without a loving and caring relationship of other human beings. Everything is changing around us and in us except God. God is permanent and constant. The responsorial Psalm praises, “O Lord, you have been our refuge from one generation to the next.” (Ps.89:1). The Gospel invites us to seek Jesus to have meaning in life. Jesus is the only person who could fill our emptiness and heal our consciences. We all need an encounter and an experience with the Lord that is life-changing. Have we met Jesus yet? Are we attempting to meet Him in the Sacraments and in the poor? Herod made attempt to meet Jesus not for a change of life but to have proof for his bad conscience that disturbed him. No one can silence the conscience and the void inside with a bunch of people and lies. To heal our conscience and make it clear we all need to meet Jesus. May we have a good day as we attempt to meet Him in our life experiences.

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