It’s 28th October 2018. We celebrate the Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time. The readings are from Jeremiah 31:7-9; the second reading is from Hebrews 5:1-6; and the Gospel from Mark 10:46-52. God wants to heal God’s people using us. Just because we believe God and profess faith in the Son of God, Jesus, we all participate in the mission of Christ. We are all wounded humanity in some sense. There is no one can claim that there is no pain whatsoever in their soul or body by the effects of sin. God heals us beyond we could comprehend the depth of love for us. Even though we have sinned and departed from God consciously and sometimes unconsciously, yet God took initiatives in bringing us back to God’s abode offering the healing we require. As we have been healed and blessed by God, so we must make efforts to heal and provide the space and resources of healing by our faith and charity. God does not like us living in any type of slavery. In the first reading, the prophet Jeremiah offered hope for all those who were about to go into the Babylonian captivity. God rewards and blesses when we make efforts to avoid sin. Spiritual insomnia and forgetfulness of the Way to God happens to all who surrender themselves to sins. It is God who reaches towards us in times like these. God desires that we place our trust in God at all times. God is so much interested to renew and to establish something new in us. God wants us to wipe all tears and fill us with happiness and joy. God alone can console as when we go through painful times and loss. The responsorial Psalm praises, “The Lord has done great things for us; we are filled with joy.” (Ps.126:3). In the second reading, we are reminded by the apostle Paul that we all participate in the priesthood of Jesus whether it is ministerial or common priest of the faithful even though both differ in its essence and degree. We are all to participate in the priestly, prophetic and kingly duties as a believer. By virtue of baptism, we are invited to engage ourselves in healing the humanity. No one ordains himself or herself to be a priest. God offers this priesthood to continue God’s work in the world. Every believer needs to practice worship (priest), witness (prophet) and offer service (king). We all have a vital role in the mission of the Church. We are not spectators anymore after the Vatican II. We need to demonstrate and deliberate as the priests of the Lord in the liturgy and in the parish, we belong. Sanctifying the world with our healing words and activities is the need of the Church today. Let us avoid all circumstances to inflict pain and suffering to any human person and the creation at large. In the Gospel we encounter Jesus, the healer and a sensitive observer. Jesus noticed a person who had difficulty in seeing named Bartimaeus who cried so loudly to be noticed by Him. The physically challenged person knew that Jesus could restore his sight. As the poor beggar looked for healing from Jesus, so the suffering humanity looks at all Christians for the integral healing and restoration of justice and peace. Jesus did not disappoint the one who believed in Him. Will we disappoint the world which looking forward to see the healing hands of God in our actions? To be a healer and a missionary one needs to become the disciple not just remain as a follower. We all have been healed by God, now it is our turn to heal the wounds of humanity as believers in Jesus. May we surrender ourselves to the Lord to use us as the instruments of love and peace. May you have a good day. God bless you.

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