It is 3rd November 2018. We celebrate the memorial of St. Martin de Porres. The readings are from Phil. 1:18-26; and the Gospel is from Lk. 14:1, 7-11. As we are in the month for the Holy Souls and we remember our loved ones who have gone before us, it is good to reflect a bit about the reality of death. It is the reality everyone has to face while one lives or someone will face it when we are gone. Death is not the end and it is the beginning of a journey, an awakening, and hope to meet our God one to one. Living on earth must have one reason and only one solid reason and that must be living for the Lord. When we are able to live Christ, we will be able to live with others without any difficulties. When we are at war with Jesus, we will not be at peace with one another. Everyone wants stay here long and forever except those few of us. People who are honest, sincere, hardworking, dedicated, committed and disciplined are always looking forward in hope to meet the Lord as early as possible. But those who wish to enjoy the pleasures of life, and doing all kinds of cheating, wheeling and dealing, love to continue staying overdue here on earth. In the first reading, St. Paul expresses his dilemma of going back to the Lord or to continue staying for the reason of proclaiming the Gospel. Very true indeed, just to spread the goodness of the Lord we need to stay here around not for a wrong reason. Proclaiming Christ is the ultimate goal of our life. We have not worked enough for the Lord proclaiming His Word in our humble deeds. It is good take an inventory of our lives specially to see how far and how much we put in towards the work of the Lord. If we die, we must meet the Lord. For St. Paul, to die means to be with Christ, the reward; but to live means to the ability to work for the Lord to the end. Since he was in this confusion which one to choose, he left the choice to the Lord who called him to serve preaching the Gospel of peace. “Life to me, of course, is Christ, but then death would bring me something more; but then again, if living in this body means doing work which is having good results.” (Phil.1:21). The responsorial Psalm acclaims, “My soul is thirsting for God, the God of my life.” (Ps.41:3). The Gospel points out about our deceitful calculation in securing the places of honour and position. Whatever the games we play to acquire the places of influence and power, we cannot acquire honour that comes from God who is the host in the banquet of life. It is God who recognises and offers the places we duly deserve. Many want to take the best place, position, power by their evil and selfishly calculated moves. God would embarrass such people in various ways since their eyes are blind in acquiring and occupying seats and position in cunning way. Let us be assured from today’s Gospel, we will be honoured by God for having been working for God and having established and maintain a fruitful relationship with God. “For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and the man who humbles himself will be exalted.” (Lk.14:11). May we continue to work for the Lord at all times not expecting anything in return except the love and mercy of God for our lives. May you have good day. May God bless you all.

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