It is 19th December 2018. The readings are from Judges 13:2-7, 24-25; and the Gospel from Luke 1:5-25. God never disappoints us when we have prayed in faith. God gives us all that we ask including the gift of a child if we have put our trust in God no matter what the conditions could be. It is all possible for God to give us what we plead in our prayers. When the plan and design of God is what we are asking through the assistance of the Holy Spirit, we are sure of getting it. We are assured today in the reading that we do not need to fear anymore of anyone or anything because God has promised us God’s blessings on us whatever is our chronological condition, physiological preparedness and emotional well-being. When everybody tells us that it is humanly impossible, God will tell the one who believes that it is all possible. Great and miraculous things happen for those who placed their trusts in the Lord. God goes out God’s ways when it comes for helping the common good and the humanity in totality. We have two annunciations for our reflection from the birth of Samson in the first reading and John the Baptist in the Gospel. If we begin to doubt God and become unfaithful, we will have to pay the price for it. It is my humble prayer for those who have no child for a long time that they may receive the blessings of children by God’s blessings and mercy during this Advent. The responsorial acclaims, “My lips are filled with your praise, with your glory all the day long.” (Ps.70:8). The Gospel strengthens the strings of our prayers telling, “Do not be afraid for your prayer has been heard.” (Lk.1:13). Yes, indeed, God has heard of our prayers as long as we do not doubt him further. God hears our prayers as God heard the prayer of Zechariah and the mother of Samson. God speaks to God’s people when they are deeply in prayer. God’s style of answering our prayer requests are unassuming and unpredictable by any human agent. Whatever the impossible situation we have today, let us bring it in prayer. God wants to deal with humanly impossible situations and things beyond the reason and science. Let us give God chance to do the impossible things with our humble, persistent and efficacious prayers. God wants us to know and believe in His Son Jesus as our Messiah and Saviour of our entire life. God wants to melt our stony hearts to become soft, pliable, trusting, and docile to the plan of God through our prayers. God delivers the promises and never denies the prayers asked in trust. Our perseverance and patience in prayer with sacrifices will always bring the blessings we duly deserve. May you have a good day. God bless you.

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