It is 14th January 2019. The readings are from Hebrews 1:1-6; and the Gospel from Mark 1:14-20. We begin the ordinary time of the year. God speaks to us through the presence of the Holy Spirit when we lead a holy life. We begin to be sensitive to the voice of the Lord in us, and around us. Very clearly and daily God speaks to us through His Only Son Jesus. We are called by God to listen to Jesus. God speaks so much through the Church. Such listening is possible when our hearts and lives are in order spiritually and morally. When our lives are not purified from sin, it is not that easy to listen to God and lead the others to God. We tend to become hardened and wrongly focused when we habitually sinful and selfish. Our life must not revolve around ourselves all the time. May the wheels and cranks of life begin to run for the welfare of the others. The responsorial Psalm praises, “All you angels, worship the Lord.” (Ps.96:7). The Gospel invites us to begin the liturgical time with personal conversion. We need to work with Jesus for the welfare of the humanity. We have the episode of calling. Vocation to serve starts with personal conversion and repentance. Jesus calls Simon, Andrew, James and John to follow Him and they responded without any second thought. Jesus calls us too. Do we hear Him calling? Jesus calls us through the Scripture, the Church and those who have inspired us to become persons who care and lead others to God. Conversion is impossible where conversation with God has seized. May we enlighten our lives with the power of the Word of God and be rooted in our faith that make us to surrender to God so as accept the higher calling. May the Lord open our hearts to respond to God who is calling us to serve through Jesus. May you have a good day.

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