It is 1st March 2019. We celebrate the memorial of St. David, a Bishop. The readings are from Sirach 6:5-17; and the Gospel from Mark 10:1-12. Every one needs friendship for a better livelihood. Friendship is built with fabrics of time, talk, trust, togetherness, treating respectfully, and timely leaning on. Right friendship makes us happy while the wrong friendship makes us suffer for life long. Friendship turns sour in an environment of blaming and finding fault than to embrace truth and faithfulness. A true friend is a rare treasure, a sure shelter (Sir.6:14) and beyond all material measure and indeed a faithful friend is treasure and helps us prolong our life in peace, protection and all kinds of blessings. An evil, selfish, secretive, sinful friendship shorts our life and accumulates emotional, spiritual, and relational pain that one cannot share it out freely. It is the words that kills or tills the heart of friendship. The first reading invites us to have words that allows us to have more true friends while admonishing us to have an advisor of the soul one in a million. The responsorial Psalm prays, “Guide me, Lord, in the path of your commands.” (Ps.118:35). In the Gospel Jesus clarifies the question on lawfulness of marriage against the faithfulness in the marriage. Most of the recent research shows that friendship in the marriage is the matter of urgency for a fruitful and loving marriage. When married couple have lost the friendship between them, they are at verge of being unfaithful and unloving towards each other. Friendship between the couple must not just remain only in faithful friendship but it must be intimately true friendship that provides all the wings for the partners to fly high always. Jesus teaches us that all the couples must value and validate the plan of God by giving the best of their love to their relationship and the outcome of their relationship in the children. There is no need for a divorce for any marriage that overflows with love, mutual respect, trust, forgiveness and sharing everything immeasurably. May the Lord bless all our friendship that allows to strengthen the friendship with God. Let us identity the elements that weaken the friendship one another and with God and deal with them. May you have a good day and May God bless you.

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