It is 9th March 2019. We celebrate the memorial of Saint Frances of Rome, an Italian lady, a wife, a mother, mystic and outstandingly inspiring in charity towards the poor, the sick and those who were in need. She too inspired many other women to do the same. The readings are from Isaiah 58:9-14; and the Gospel from Luke 5:27-32. Our true and lasting happiness depends on the way we handle the Lord and the others. Lenten time encourages us to reach out to God so as to reach in to people around. Lent without the poor in mind and the poverty inflicted into charity are to be closely looked into so as enjoy the fruits of the season of the Lent. If our sacrifices, penance and prayers do not satisfy the hunger around us, cover the nakedness of the vulnerable among us, provide an ample, affectionate embrace of warmth and love towards the broken and bruised humanity, it is a waste of time and endeavour. The change that happens within has to resonate in the depth of life in other especially in the poor. Our conversion needs to penetrate channels of charity in the society. The first reading instructs us that our happiness lies in following and honouring God in our lives. It is time to shun from gossip, character assassinations, pathological lying, over indulging in eating and drinking, being indifferent to the sacred time of praying and listening to the Word of God. Lent is the time to give credit to God’s space in order to settle the liabilities of the poor and the needy. God vows to bless us all when we have decided to honour God during this Lent. The responsorial Psalm prays, “Show me, Lord, your way so that I may walk in your truth.” (Ps.85:11). The Gospel encourages to encounter that someone who is in need of our help. Jesus wants us to go after people who have lost hope, love and direction in life. There are not many good to help the number of bad and evil people. Every one of us has a responsibility to clean the mess we have created in our lives and in others. As there is something is sick in us, so there is someone is sick out there too. Our repentance and conversion take us through to the ones who are broken and bruised by the sinful, selfish humanity. Our conversion needs to culminate in uplifting the life of the poor. (Mt. 15:8). It is not enough we come out of sinfulness but at the same not to lead others to sin is also the true effect of the conversion. May the Lord help us to be gentle, thoughtful, loving and kind to all those whom we encounter. May you have a good day.

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