It is 14th March 2019. The readings are from Esther 14:1, 3-5, 12-14 and the Gospel from Matthew 7:7-12. Life of prayer needs to be regular, not just at the moment of facing trials and tribulations. Our faith in God that offers the courage to communicate with God. We need to strengthen our faith by trusting in God no matter what the situation is and however powerful the person we need to face, we can handle it with the power of prayer. It is the power of prayer that offers wisdom, strength and stamina to do anything that is good for us and for the common good. We cannot use the prayer as a weapon to do evil against the other. In the first reading, we have someone in the person of Esther, who put all her trust in the Lord in prayer and the Lord did respond to her and brought her success and blessings. “Save us by your hand, and help me, Lord, I am alone and have no helper but you, O Lord, who have knowledge of all things.” (Esther 14:14). No matter who we need to face we can face anyone with the power of prayer and fasting like that of Queen Esther. Whether it is a hostile audience, confronting an intimate friend, or talk to the family about a conflicting situation, we can do it when we have prayed enough. It is the life of prayer renders the resources and skills we need daily to prepare, determine, to prioritize and to calculate all that is involved. Whatever the responsibility we hold in life, we all need God’s protection and power to deal with the issues and challenges of life. Only prayer offers the integral security no human power could ever offer. Deliverance comes through the power of prayer and fasting. God cannot intervene in a human situation without the warriors of prayer. God will fix all the situations when we commit ourselves in consistent intercessory prayers. God wants to delivers us from any dangerous and despair moments of our life if we pray like Queen Esther. The responsorial Psalm prays, “On the day I called, you answered me, O Lord.” (Ps.137:3). Jesus teaches us that the way we treat others the way God treats us in our prayer. There is no prayer goes unanswered. We all receive the answers to the prayers we have made so far. Either it is in God’s way or the way we have requested we are always given. God alone knows the best we need even though we can wish for anything that seemly super for our life. God goes beyond our current situation in our life and answers our prayers. Let us ask God confidently, knock prayerfully and seek penitently to obtain we wish in prayer. Our prayers remain unanswered only when we are refusing to treat others justly. May you have a good day. May God bless you.

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