It is 17th March 2019. The readings are from Genesis 15:5-12, 17-18; the second reading is from Philippians 3:17-4:1; and the Gospel from Luke 9:28b-36. Having handled the temptations, we are invited to experience the transfiguration of the Lord in our lives through the power of the Sacrament. Change is not that easy for any of us. Spiritual change is all the more impossible without personal conversion. Even with all our murmurings, complains, we may move into a new environment but to move out of what we are used to and enjoyed and rooted is not that easy without God’s help. God calls us all personal and individually take up a challenging journey towards Heaven. We must stop living for ourselves only and for this world only. We need to prepare ourselves to embark on a journey that enable us to encounter God in person. Just because we have no possibility to see that does not mean that does not exist. During this second week of the Lent, we need to make that change of direction, perception and a new journey. In the first reading God wanted Abram to embark on a journey towards the promised land. It was a journey of faith, and courage purely trusting in God and holding God’s unseen hand walking towards the place God gives us. In the second reading, St. Paul encourages the new converts to long to have the citizenship in Heaven. We do not owe anything to the world and therefore we must accept the offer that is given by Jesus through His Passion, the Cross and resurrection. The presence and power of sin brings in fear that make us to doubt as we travel towards the Heaven. The responsorial praises, “The Lord is my light and my salvation.” (Ps.27:1). Our journey towards freedom, victory and salvation is possible only with formation, transformation and in the way of the cross. The Gospel describes the transfiguration of the Lord Jesus. The event unfolded at the mountain for a few chosen ones to clarify, strength and support the understanding of divinity of Jesus in the minds of the apostles. Our transformation happens by an intimate listening, encountering and mirroring Christ in our daily life by recourse to the Sacraments. May the Lord help us to listen deeply to have strong faith to travel on even if there are huddles on the way. May you have a good day. God bless you.

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