It is 27th March 2019. Listening is learning indeed that brings the wisdom and understanding when mixed with quest and patience. Mere listening to the Word of God is the learning God desires from every human soul and mind. Listening is the sacrifice we all need to take during this Lenten time. It is the time we all need to sit with the Word of God and meditate it privately and personally far from the distracting crowds. A total listening is the disciplining the heart to behave in a desired way. The readings are from Deuteronomy 4:1, 5-9; and the Gospel from Matthew 5:17-19. Unless we listen constantly, we cannot observe what is intended by God. “The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul; the testimony of the LORD is sure, and making wise the simple.” (Ps.19:7). Patience to listen every sides and spheres is the moment of understanding and gaining wisdom. Everyone has a view but the truth has only one view that is the right and perfect view and that is God’s view of perception. Without being prejudiced and biased, we need to be opened to the voice of God. The presence of God is so intensely intimate and close to our being in listening and adhering the Word of God. When our minds are trained to listen, our lives are motivated to walk in the truth. God’s Words are the direction for our hearts and minds. In the first reading, Moses teaches the people of Israel to observe God’s Word to be blessed with wisdom and understanding of life. We cannot be witnesses to the truth, and inherit the blessings of God without the Word of God penetrating our lives. It is not enough we listen, we need to teach others what we have believe and practicing. The responsorial Psalm praises, “O praise the Lord, Jerusalem.” (Ps. 147:12). The Gospel invites us to be faithful the laws and the counsel of God. Our greatness is noticed in disciplining and designing our lives according to the plan of God. How much time do we dedicate for the Word of God daily? At least, during this Lenten time, let us expose ourselves to the Word of God. “If your law had not been my delight, I would have perished in my misery.” (Ps.119:92). As our Lord was faithful to the Word of God and its prophecies, may we make effort in listening and living the Word of God in our lives. May you have a good day. God bless you.

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