It is 6th April 2019. The readings are from Jeremiah 11:18-20; and the Gospel from John 7:40-53. Are we basking and hiding in the sins and mistake of the others? Sin remains sin and the mistakes we commit remains mistakes even if we have evidences of sins of the others to talk about. By pointing fingers at the others, we will never purify our sins and mistakes. When we are caught red-handed and exposed, we begin to attack the others. It is not mere out right reactions, but it is the most cunning way of hiding ours by highlighting the others. Instead of talking the truth, we recourse to personal attack and demolition of character by joining with those who hold power, money and influence. Lent is the time to talk about ourselves to God not advertising ourselves to the others. Wherever jealousy abounds, the lies and double-standard judging others germinates so rapidly. Gone are the days when jealousy, malicious back-biting happened among the people of God. Now we see the priests, the nuns, the deacons and those who claim to be the servants of God have become so sinful and sick in their minds lacking the minimum holiness and honesty in their word and deeds that they engage in activities not appropriate to their status. Instead of caringly confronting the one who is doing wrong, we pretend to be in good books with them, and we ruminate and destroy discussing and using all the medium including the social media to destroy the ones who have challenged us. Whenever we engage in such sinful activities, we begin to live a life that pleases many around us and not God. Since none of us are perfect, the call to be holy and perfect holds a meaningful place in our life during the Lent. The first reading speaks of the innocent person led to the slaughter house like a lamb just because he spoke the truth. We do not need to run away from truth rather to face it. Truth does not need our witness to come out in public. For time being, we can hide the truth, alterate it, manipulate the way we wish to present but we can never get rid of the truth. God will use some of to be the instruments of truth as God uses some others as the instruments of peace. To be a child of God one needs to stand for God and truth not with those who are living a life of lies. “Though an army encamps around me, my heart will not fear; though a war breaks out against me, I will keep my trust.” (Ps.27:3). Truth alone hurts us as well as heals us. Lies lacerate and libel our lives. Suffering for God and truth is indeed antidote for our own weakness and failures. Very rare and seldom, we suffer for the other. When all the prophets were silent about the evil people did, Jeremiah was the only one spoke and pointed out openly and boldly the truth. Most of the times, we go through pain for things we have done and spoken. It is better to set our hearts on fire with truth rather to destroy the others with cruel flames of lies and gossiping. Even if no one is standing for our cause, let us be assured from the first reading, God does not hesitate to take a stand for us. The responsorial Psalm pleads, “Lord God, I take refuge in you.” (Ps.7:2). The Gospel admonishes us so seriously not to crucify and pass judgements on the innocent persons just because they tickled our conscious and the way we live. Let us digest the truth however painful it might be than to spit the lies and venom of our hearts and become arrogant, self-protecting and self-promoting person. No matter how few people are honest, sincere and good, it is better to belong to the company of them than to be with an army of liars and abusers. May God help us to be open to the plan of God and allow others to exercise their duty than to expose their vulnerabilities. May you have a good day. May God bless you.

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