It is 17th April 2019. It is Wednesday in Holy Week which is called Spy Wednesday. The readings are Isaiah 50:4-9; the Gospel from Matthew 26:14-25. How much worth Jesus is for us? Are we also going to sell Jesus for a material gains and bodily pleasures? Judas betrayed Jesus in exchange for money. What will we exchange Jesus for? Most of us are experts in smelling the sins of the others, but we have numbed our smell buds with the nauseating smell of sins in our life. There are people who are skilled and train to spy on others while they do not notice the blunders they do in their own life. It hurts to the core when we are spied and betrayed by the intimate associates, friends and family. It demolishes everything within ourselves when trust is compromised and crucified. We all can easily display the character of Judas in a any given situation. We reflect on the third hymn of the Servant of the Lord in the first reading. A confident servant who put his entire trust in God in times of betrayal, persecution, trials, and insults. God rushes to provide security and strengthen when we go through pain. The responsorial Psalm intercedes, “Lord, in your great love answer me.” (Ps.70:14). The Gospel presents us with the Last Supper scene in which Jesus reveals the name of the person who is going to betray Him. When we have ambitions greater than our faith in the Lord, we would betray Him some point or the other. Judas wished Jesus to be a political hero and leader and he expected to hold a powerful position. He ended up selling Jesus for a price of a slave (Ex.21:32). Our greed, status in the society and love for money can lead us to betray the One whom we have placed all our trust in. We all have not yet crucified the Lord but we constantly betray Him whenever we are more acquainted with sins than charity. If we ask the question of Judas, “Surely not I, Rabbi?” What would be the reply from Jesus to us? May we be sorry for all the times we have betrayed Him and be sorry for it and ask for forgiveness. May you have a good day. God bless you.

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