It is 27th April 2019. The readings are from Acts 4:13-21; and the Gospel from Mark 16:9-15. Without the experience of the encounter of the Risen Lord, there is no evangelisation is possible. A wordy evangelisation never convinces and anchors someone in Christ Jesus. Our personal experience with the Risen Lord cannot be hidden in our actions and in words. The impact and outcome of meeting Christ is the fruitful evangelisation. What is the effort we make to have such deep and intimate experience with the person of Jesus? Experience with the Risen Lord is more powerful than education and age. In the first reading, we recount the courage of the Apostles Sts. Peter and John not by their erudition but surely by the peculiar and significant experience with the Risen Lord. No intimidation and arrogance with the mighty fist can suppress of the power of faith in the Risen Lord. Faith emerges all the stronger even it is suppressed intentionally. We must not stop proclaiming the values and truth of the Gospel no matter who opposes it. We are all still indifferent and cold hearted because we have not had that one life-changing experience with the Risen Lord. We are not able to reach out too many just because we haven’t reached in deeply to Christ. The responsorial Psalm praises, “I will thank you, Lord, for you have given answer.” (Ps.117:21). The Gospel teaches us that the purpose of the vision and encounter of the Risen Lord Jesus to so many is for the proclamation of the Good News. The resurrection offered the power for all who met the Lord Jesus in person to go far and wide to evangelise. Going out to evangelise without Jesus has a personal and secretive evil agenda based on monetary mind set. The Risen Lord needs to be known and advertised by the power of the Holy spirit. May our evangelisation be cemented on the experience with the Risen Lord. “Go out to the whole world proclaim the Good New to the all creation.” (Mk.16:15). Having had the experience of the Risen Lord, we cannot keep it for ourselves. May we take up the mandate seriously no matter the distance and distractions. May you have a good day. May God bless you.

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