It is 30th April 2019. We celebrate the memorial of St. Pius V, Pope. The readings are from Acts 4:32-37; and the Gospel from John 3:7-15. The Church without charity chars the society and humanity at large. Talking churches cannot penetrate the souls of people. It is the church that shares, cares and lives the ideals, the values and the virtues of Christianity. Looking after people is not a privilege but a way of life freely accepted the early believers as the witness to whom they believed. We are living among a millennial generation that believes in an idealistic, romantic, utopian that is percolated down through selfishness, and lack of generosity coupled with enormous laziness. Words alone cannot bear witness to the values of the Kingdom; we need works that leads to worship. Good speaks can entice and woo the crowd but not the hearts. Loud people are a jarring sensation without the music of the soul. Charity tunes our life with the music of merciful acts. Christianity demands charity as the proof for its belief. Our demonstration of oneness in mind, heart and soul cannot happen without charity that emerges out of our faith in the Risen Lord. He is the content and context of our charity. Our service to the humanity is the reflection and resonation of profound faith in the Risen Lord and His Words. The rivers of sins run deep in the plains of selfishness and stinginess of a heart. The first reading invites us to revisit and renew our commitment to Christ and the Church through charity. Charity is the proof of our utmost respect shown to others in a concrete way. The responsorial Psalm praises, “The Lord is king, with majesty enrobed.” (Ps.91:1). The Gospel invites us to consider the new life offered by the Risen Lord. “So that everyone who believes in Jesus may have eternal life in Him.” (Jn.3:15). We cannot talk about Heaven when we create the avenues of love and charity. Growing individualism and selfishness are truly biting the society and the members of our families and communities. Our faith will be futile and empty without the moisture of charity and love. Our new birth depends on the way we are charitable to one another. We can always convince the humanity about the Risen Lord only through the aura of charity. May the Risen Lord help us to share what we have with those in in need and leading them to experience Jesus. May you have a good day. God bless you.

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