It is 18th May 2019. We celebrate the memorial of St. John I, pope
and martyr. Just three years a pope faced tremendous oppositions from
every side, found fault for not doing enough and eventually he died of
neglect and ill treatment of starvation and exhaustion in the prison.
The readings are from Acts 13:44-52; and the Gospel from John
14:7-14. Thirst to encounter and experience God emerges profoundly in
rebellion and resistance. Most of us do many things with good
intentions yet being blamed, wrangled by jealousy, divisive politics
and systematic suppression by those who are in the helm and the close
associates. We all love to change, correct and direct when there is
jealousy in the air due to mistrust, poor communication and timing.
Times like this, we need to engage in a positive approach of moving
forward than to justify our position. We need to work for the common
good than four personal appeasement and satisfaction. Change even in
a micro level faces tremendous resistance. We need not force our
views and faith on others. Rather to be open to the promptings of the
Spirit of God and move for better future. We need to participate than
perpetrate. We have the option to participate partially or totally or
part ways to promote a wider vision to be accomplished. In the first
reading, when the Apostles Paul and Barnabas faced resistance, they
moved to places where the Gospel of Christ not preached rather to
fight for their rights. Proclamation takes its precedence over our
personal choices. A different fruitful opinion and activity is much
more a fruitful than to be indifferent and reactive to a situation.
Moving out are indeed the strongest protesting against the unbelievers
than to conscientise, converse and correct them. Our fear of being
rejected must not murder the spirit of freedom and openness. The plan
of God is greater the personal ambition and grand hopes. Since some
are not interested in the Gospel, it does not mean that the Word of
God is not interesting for the other. We need to engage ourselves
with the ones are thirsty and interested in the Word of God than to
convince those who oppose and resist. We must not shake off the
people from our lives rather their antagonistic attitude and the pain
that they inflict us must be removed from our heart as decide to move
on lives. We must not carry the painful dust of the past ill
treatments to a brand new place. The responsorial Psalm acclaims,
“All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.”
(Ps.98:1). The oneness of Father and the Son can only be experienced
with the eyes of faith not with reason. The Gospel clarifies that
knowing and loving God is not possible without the knowledge of
Christ. The Spirit of God removes all barriers in believing the
Father and the Son are one. God reveals in the Son totally. To meet,
see and encounter Jesus is like having met God in person. The prayers
we make to God will be answered in and through Jesus. The purpose of
the incarnation of Jesus is to help us meet God in person. Without
undoubted faith in Jesus, we cannot experience the Father. This deep
mystical experience of meeting needs to accelerate our desire to share
the experiences of meeting Jesus with the others. May you have a good
day. God bless you.

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