It is 20th May 2019. We celebrate the memorial of St Bernadine of
Siena, Priest. A Franciscan priest, theologian, reformer, and popular
preacher throughout Italy; he was a promoter of devotion to the Name
of Jesus. The readings are from Acts 14:5-18; and the Gospel from
John 14:21-26. Worshiping human as god is a wilful mockery of the
divinity of God. Whatever the best miracle, healing and social
revival we do for the betterment of the other cannot replace God.
There is growing desire in many of us either to replace God or to be
like God. We love to take credit for all that God has done to God’s
people. The first reading points out that we must not in any
situation, even after receiving a miraculous healing through the
intercession of someone, beware of not making the intercessor to be
God. The healing of a cripple person by Paul poses a challenge to the
growing church to deal with the cultural understanding and belief on
healing and miracles. The purpose of healing and miracles must enhance
and ennoble our faith. Our ignorance cannot justify our recognition
of God’s presence in the activities of healing. Our acquaintance and
unbiased listening to the Spirit of God grants us the power to
experience healing. Seasons of grace never goes away all through our
life. The ample place we create for the Word of God, the environment
of healing emerges so spontaneously. God’s power works through His
healing Word. The responsorial Psalm praises, “Not to us, O Lord, but
to your name give the glory.” (Ps.115:1). In the Gospel, Jesus
invites us to recognise the presence of Holy Spirit in our lives. The
Spirit of God is the spirit of truth, remains with those who believe
God and Jesus, teaches and reminds about the ministry of Jesus on
earth, help us to testify, to guide, and glorify Jesus by believing in
His Word. The Holy Spirit is the counsellor and the second advocate,
one who speaks on behalf of God. The Paraclete comes when Jesus has
gone to the Father. We cannot testify our love for Jesus to the world
without observing His Word and commandment. God’s love is assured for
the ones who love Jesus and follow His Word. As Paul and Barnabas
were led by the Spirit of God, we too believe in the Holy Spirit are
invited to do and glorify God in our lives. May we relate with the
Holy Spirit to be worthy partakers of healing and blessings. May the
Spirit of God help us not to worship the faith healers and killing the
message of the Lord. May we focus our life in Jesus with the help of
the Holy Spirit. May you have a good day. God bless you.

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