It is 28th May 2019. The readings are from Acts 16:22-34; and the
Gospel from John 16:5-11. Our faith in the Lord Jesus offers the
courage to face the truth in the moment of rejection, unjust
treatment, punishment and even imprisonment and eventually to behave
with utmost love. Our response to odd situations is the proof of our
faith in Jesus. No matter who humiliates us for the work of
evangelisation, with the faith and our humble submission to Jesus in
prayer and praise, we generate the inner energy to bring anyone closer
to Jesus. The first reading describes the imprisonment of St. Paul
and his companion Silas for having freed a girl from the clutches of
evil spirit. Just like the Apostle Paul, we can turn any painful and
hopeless occasion to evangelise someone. A police officer who was in
charge of the prison was converted by the way Paul and his companion
behaved amidst the possibility of an escape from the prison. If God
has put us through a painful situation, God alone can lift us through
to help those who are looking for salvation. Faith in Jesus and
taking a firm stand for Jesus provides the moments not merely to test
our personal character but to testify and renew our commitment to
Christ and the Spirit of God. Good cannot be suppressed even amidst
the most miserable conditions. In Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii
Gaudium (On The Proclamation Of The Gospel In Today’s World) of The
Holy Father Francis, he quotes Benedict XVI in No: 112, “It is
important always to know that the first word, the true initiative, the
true activity comes from God and only by inserting ourselves into the
divine initiative, only begging for this divine initiative, shall we
too be able to become – with him and in him – evangelizers”. This
principle of the primacy of grace must be a beacon which constantly
illuminates our reflections on evangelization.” The responsorial Psalm
intercedes, “Your right hand has saved me, O Lord.” (Ps.138:7). The
Gospel teaches us that only through our personal conversion; we can
experience the Holy Spirit in our lives. Salvation comes through
Jesus Christ with the presence of the Holy Spirit in our life. The
departure of Jesus brings the decent of the Holy Spirit who shows the
clarity we need on sin, righteousness and judgment. Unless we know
where we are spiritually fallen, we do not feel the need for the
Saviour. Our perceptions on Jesus as the Son of God enhances with the
arrival of the Advocate in our life. “It is to your advantage that I
go away, for if I do not go away, the Advocate will not come to you;
but if I go, I will send him to you.” (Jn.16:7). May we welcome the
Holy Spirit in our lives to be a fruitful Christian who brings someone
to Christ. May you have a good day. God bless you.

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