It is 4th October 2019. We celebrate the Memorial of St Francis of Assisi, Deacon. The readings are from Baruch 1:15-22; and the Gospel from Luke 10:13-16. We wish all the members of the Franciscan Family a happy feast. May St. Francis not just remain a model out there rather to radicalize our spiritual realm and personal life so as to continue the mission of the Church of Christ in the world during this extraordinary missionary month. No one can become missionary without a deep communication with God who loves and cares time immemorial. It is our sin in us and in the community that make us not be involved in our missionary endeavours. Sin is not only a huddle but also a spiritual blockade of a soul that wishes to translate the love of God in daily endeavours. As the first reading points out that our refusal to listen to the voice of the Lord hardens our hearts and silences our efforts and allowing ourselves to face the imminent sufferings and pain that is caused by the refusal. God never withdraws himself when we become cold, arrogant, proud, sinful, and selfish. The prayer of Baruch presents us the trauma and frustration of people of biblical Israel and their sinful living in the light of the Word of God and the relationship with God. The responsorial Psalm intercedes, “Rescue us, O Lord, for the glory of your name.” (Ps.78:9). The Gospel clearly describes how people rejected the message of Jesus despite the outpouring miracles and healings. The mission is fruitful in the moisture of the Word of God. Without Word of God, there is no mission. Refusing to accept the words of Jesus is the outright refusal accept God himself. Let us check our life personally to examine our personal, structural, and community sins. May we be open our minds and hearts like St. Francis of Assisi, who became a mendicant for the sake of Word of God who reached out to all people literally embraced and wedded to the Lady Poverty lived a life in the light of the Gospel. May the Lord enlighten our minds to become truly missionaries. Have a good day.

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