It is 6th October 2019. We celebrate the Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time
The readings are from Habakkuk 1:2-3, 2:2-4; the second reading is from 2Timothy 1:6-8, 13-14; and the Gospel from Luke 17:5-10. The readings of the day invite us to examine the quality of faith we have and the need for more. There is so much we all lag behind when it comes for our faith. Instead of growing day by day in our faith, human situations, relationship and conditions constantly weaken our faith. The prophet Habakkuk searches for meaning in life with the light of his faith amidst the growing oppression, injustice and violence. When we find hard to get a grip of a human condition, it is our faith in God that allows us to face it anyhow. Life would be futile, clueless and meaningless without acknowledging the presence of God through our faith. The responsorial Psalm prays, “If today you hear his voice, harden not your hearts.” (Ps. 95:8). The second reading urges us all not to be ashamed to proclaim, profess and practice our faith. The treasure we have received is the package of love, self-discipline and the power of the Holy Spirit. Just like St. Paul, we need to be courageous during the most difficult time of our lives to stand for our faith. We must never be tired of fanning our faith with the wings of prayer and charity. The Gospel desires for all of us and intercedes, “Increase our faith” (Lk.17:5). Those who are sent need the quality of faith to face it all. The mandate and mission bear fruit in the milieu of faith. To be witnesses to the Word means to have unwavering faith in the person of Jesus. It is indeed a personal commitment in Him and for His work. The prayer of the apostles is still heard in the corridors of our communities, homes and hearts. Lord, increase our faith when we have prayed and hoped for the best to happen yet when that did not happen. Lord increase our faith when we face opposition, hatred, oppression, injustice for having been the servants after your heart. Lord increase our faith, when our actions constantly at loggerheads with the principles and convictions we hold so dear to our hearts. Lord, increase our faith when we are left with too few options to choose for. May the Lord Jesus help us to deal with our unbelief to be fruitful missionaries of the Word of God. Help us Lord to be the useless servants who will never claim credit for what we have done rather to give glory to you the who called us to serve. The quality of our faith be transformed in the quantified responsible services we offer without doubt and selfishness. May we be saved by the faith we have in the Lord Jesus. May you have a good day. May God bless you.

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