It is 10th October 2019. The readings are from Malachi 3:13-20; and the Gospel from Luke 11:5-13. To be good and faithful are not spiritual gambling. At times, we get frustrated for being honest, trusting and believing in God in relations to what we see on the ground. We easily give up on God when the evil seemingly blessed and enjoying. We feel at times it is not worth being good and faithful to God. But God rejects the accusation of the good and faithful people. The first reading teaches us that God values the good and the faithful and God records the good deeds of people in the book of life. God’s patience is the reward for those who placed their trust in God. The judgement day answers all the harsh and unkind attitude we have towards God. We are the special possession of God just because we are faithful and good. The life style and belief system of the evil must not altar our faithfulness to God. God promises us to deal with the arrogant and the evil-doers erasing them to their roots. “But for you who fear my name, the sun of righteousness will sine out with the healing in its rays.” (Malachi 3:20). The responsorial Psalm praises, “Happy are they who have placed their trust in the Lord.” (Ps.39:5). Persistence in life and perseverance spiritual life surely rewards the one who asks the right thing from God. Our prayer needs to be persistent and to have the tone of perseverance, the untiringly asking for one thing that God is sure to give us. It is not the material thing Jesus wants us to ask God but the Holy Spirit. However innumerable unsuccessful attempts we have so far in asking the wrong thing, we are taught today that we obtain the power of the Holy Spirit by persistent pleading from God. Leaning on God, believing God alone could offer, patiently waiting to received what is promise is the spiritual mindset we all require in spiritual life. Perseverance in prayer builds and cements our trust in God. Through our prayer, we may not obtain the menial things of life yet we are sure to obtain the courage, joy and power of embracing the will of God by the Holy Spirit. The answers to our prayer solely depend our consistency in prayer. Jesus loves friendship. Our friendship is possible through prayerful communication. We are called to experience the friendship with Jesus. Prayer is the matter of heart that cares for the welfare of the other not one’s own alone. The insistence of our request depends on our faith even in odd moments for taking care of our neighbour. Prayer increases our communion with others and thinks for the welfare of the others even if we had to go through inconveniences and humiliation. His holiness Pope Francis teaches in Evangelii Gaudium No. 265 and 266, “We are created for what the Gospel offers us; friendship with Jesus and love of our brothers and sisters. Our missionary faith has to be sustained by our own constantly renewed experience of savouring Christ’s friendship and his message.” May we be the faithful friends of God being faithful, good and untiringly believing in God for everything God is capable of giving us. May you have a good day. May God bless you.

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