It is 18th October 2019. We celebrate the feast of St Luke the Evangelist. The readings are from 2Timothy 4:10-17; and the Gospel from Luke 10:1-9. The writings of St. Luke are the testimonies of faith in Jesus. He presented the events with a personal faith and insights from those preaching of Jesus and the witnesses of the crucifixion and resurrection. Witnessing our faith is something of communitarian and it is a team work from the personal encounter and experience with Jesus. Just like Paul in the first reading and St. Luke, the co-witness to the evangelisation had one thing in common to serve the Lord and the Church. As long as our intentions are pure, we can go on witnessing for the Lord and the Good News. We are just doing the work of the Lord not ours. The wolves would surely attack the innocent lambs who are witnessing for Christ. To bear witness to our faith, we must learn to work with others like St. Paul and St. Luke. Let us be the companions and fellow workers without crushing the foot of the other while we walk in pair for the Lord. The responsorial Psalm praises, “Your friends make known, O Lord, the glorious splendour of your Reign.” (Ps.145:12). The Gospel presents us with Jesus sending seventy-two disciples to evangelise and to be the witnesses of faith. The is the model for Christian missionary activity to all people. Missionary disciples of Jesus are sent to all people. We need to believe and behave like the witnesses of the resurrected one. The opportunity of opening all the door for everyone to experience and be part of the Kingdom of God. However small in number are the missionary disciples, our perspectives of the missionary activities must complement that of the disciples and the apostles. Without personal commitment, communion and deep intimacy in personal prayer, we cannot continue to minister the Lord and the Church. Pope Francis teaches us in a letter to Cardinal Filoni, “Prayer is the soul of the mission. It is an invitation to join the prayer of Jesus and his exodus to the Father.” Our proclamation, evangelisation and witnessing must never rely on force, power or violence. Personal poverty and the message of peace go hand in hand for the missionary disciples. Our appeal to bring all people to experience the salvation for all and within the means of the hospitality offered whether welcomed or rejected, success or failure. May the Lord continue to bless us all to be the witnesses of faith by being ready to be sent with whoever the Lord wants us to work with. May you have a good day. God bless you.

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