It is 21st October 2019. The readings are from Romans 4:20-25; and the Gospel from Luke 12:13-21. Faith leads us to embark on a journey where human reason doubts to proceed. Life is an opportunity to believe in God not behave like God. Life offers innumerable opportunities to have faith in God through the Church. Believing in the promise of God needs faith. The first reading presents us with the father of faith, Abraham who never doubted in the promises God made to him even though there was ample room for doubting and denying the offer of God. Biological barriers cannot alter the plan of God. Every good thing that has happened to us through the instrumentality and love of God. Since we enjoy good, we learn to reciprocate with our love and generosity towards the other. We too become the partakers of same faith that of Abraham displayed when we place our trust in the forgiveness of sins offered by Jesus through His passion, death and resurrection. The responsorial verse praises, “Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel! He has visited his people.” (Lk.1:68). The Gospel explain about true and false security. When love is compromised over money, there is no room for faith. Visceral attachment to money is the root of all evil. (1 Tim.6:10). We believe at times that the material things give us security. In today’s world, togetherness is replaced by the power of jaw through divisive rhetoric. Everyone claims to offer a security supreme powerful than the other yet we all feel so insecure even highly guarded secured buildings. Refusal to believe that God is our security is sown in human hearts right from the start by a system that aborts the connects with the divine. So many of us forget that life is a sheer gift from God begin to cage themselves with selfish hoarding that makes them as people walking dead with all their money and muscle power. We are all on the exodus to Heaven when we share what we have otherwise we tend to exclude God and choose to live in exile. Only faith in God is the sure security for human soul. May the Lord strengthen our faith in God as to live a life with dignity and respect. May you have a good day. God bless you.

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