It is 01st November 2019. We thank the Lord for a brand-new month. It is the First Friday of the Month dedicated to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. The readings are from Rom.9:1-5 and the Gospel from Lk.14:3-6. The first reading shares the importance of evangelization even if one refuses to accept Christ Jesus as savior. St. Paul knew the Jews did not receive Christ as their savior yet he teaches us that God saves all who have faith in God. It is so painful to see our kith and kin who do not received Jesus into their lives. The apostle shares the pain so openly in today’s passage. “My sorrow is so great, my mental anguish so endless, I would willingly be condemned and be cut off from Christ if it could help my brothers of Israel, my own flesh and blood.” (Rom.9:2,3). The divine plan of God’s salvation for all through Jesus was frustrated by the unbelief of the chosen ones. What has happened to the Israel in their unbelief could be repeated to the Gentiles if they are serious enough in their faith commitments. All the more, the refusal to accept Jesus, the Messiah by the chosen people, the rest embraced faith in Christ opens a stream of newly elect. God’s promise saves all who accepted Christ Jesus as the savior never failed. The Gentiles have profited by Israel’s loss, and all the Jews will find mercy at the end (Rom 11:1-32). These profound reflections are a reason for praising the wisdom and knowledge of God’s inscrutable providence (Rom 11:33-36). When it comes for salvation, God has no favoritism. Even though the Israelites refused to accept the offer of salvation through Jesus, yet God bestows all the spiritual benefits through them to the rest of the humanity. God is faithful in holding them as the chosen ones despite their unbelief in Christ Jesus. In our life too, we must not exclude or write off anyone who might not be ready to embrace Jesus as Savior at this moment in their life. We need to respect and never give up on those who does not want experience of love and forgiveness of Jesus. The responsorial Psalm acclaims, “O praise the Lord, Jerusalem.” (Ps.147:12). The Gospel discloses the attitude of Jesus toward those who rejected Him. Even though the Pharisees were always after Jesus to find fault in all that He did and preached, yet Jesus was there to dine with them debate with whenever he was invited by them. He never ran away from them having known their intentions. The Pharisees interpreted the Scripture to their advantage. Just like Jesus, we need to grab every opportunity as a moment for evangelizing even in an antagonistic situation. Evangelization takes precedence over personal preferences. May the Lord bless all our efforts in bringing all people near Christ. May you have a good day.

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