It is 11th December 2019. The readings are from Isaiah 40:25-31; and the Gospel from Matthew 11:28-30. Have we become tired of the Lord? Are we used to Him? or Have we found someone attractive than the Lord? But for those who hope in the Lord and treasure the wonders of God’s creation never become tired, or get used to the Lord or less attractive of God’s greatness and majesty. The first reading from the prophet Isaiah reflects the glories of the Lord. There is no one parallel to the Lord in knowing and loving. God knows every tiny part of its creation including every human being, monitors them, cares for them and regulates them so orderly. There is nothing hidden from the Lord. Sun is not tired of shining and the providence of God never go run dry. The unshakable assurance is that God never forget us. The exile will come to end but the mighty guidance and care of the Lord to last for ever. When was the last time we felt that the Lord has abandoned us, our families, our communities and our countries? The events might suggest pain and struggles in our lives yet injecting hope constantly will make us alive and active with a new vigour and vision of our life. “Those who hope in the Lord renew their strength, they put out wings like eagles. They run and do not grow weary, walk and never tire.” (Is.40:31). Let us learn to trust the Lord in every moment of our life. The responsorial Psalm praises, “My soul, give thanks to the Lord.” (Ps. 102:1). Our God forgives and offers us innumerable chance to change. God does not treat us according to our sins and unfaithfulness. God wants to renew and reinvigorate His love for us. On our part, we need to trust the Lord at all times especially during the time of adversity, pain and loss. In the Gospel, Jesus assures us with the most consoling and comforting message inviting us to place all our trust in God. The rest we are seeking for can only be found in Jesus. We are burdened and burnt out in many ways. The heaviness of our personal sins. We must take the initiative to come to the Lord no matter what is going on in our lives. Jesus can make all burdens light. He offers the courage to endure and not to exit and run away. The Heart of Jesus understands us and accepts us as we are because it is so gentle and humble. Some of us are tired truly of something or of everything. “Come to me, all you who labour and are overburdened, and I will give you rest.” (Mt.11:28). We are more than assured to enjoy the comfort and rest by working with the Lord and participating in living the values of the Kingdom of God. May we surrender in hope that the Lord is able to handle our lives better. May you have a day full of blessings. God bless you.

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