It is 09th January 2020. The readings are from 1 John 4:19-5:4 and the Gospel from Luke 4:14-22. Love of God in us must culminate in Jesus and in the others. Excluding the Son of God and those around us in loving God is a lie and having a hidden agenda. As God has taken loving initiatives in loving and forgiving us through Jesus, we need to love others through Jesus. It is not enough we love our family, and the close associates and those whom we like but we need to love all people beyond all human boundaries. It is impossible to love God whom we cannot reach ordinarily when we struggle to love those who are in visible proximity. Faith cannot oppose love and love cannot exclude God. Authentic and caring love cannot be possible in the absence of deep faith. In truth, faith magnifies the reality of loving others as love elaborates and connects with God and others. “Whoever loves God must also love his brother or sister.” (1 Jn.4:21). The power of love is the victory over segregating and dividing people. Christianity celebrates the power of love displayed on the Cross of our Lord. The measure of loving God has to include the treasure of loving others. Our closeness in loving God needs to be seen in the affinity we have for each other. We cannot be close to God when we are far apart from each other. Without having a deep faith in God, it is not possible to love someone out there. “God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been given to us.” (Rom 5:5) The responsorial Psalm praises, “Lord, every nation on earth will adore you.” (Ps.71:11). The Gospel spells out the manifesto of Jesus. “The Spirit of the Lord has been given to me, for he has anointed me. He has sent me to bring the good news to the poor, to proclaim liberty to captives and to the blind new sight, to set the downtrodden free, to proclaim the Lord’s year of favour.” (Lk.4:18,19). Since we too are anointed by the same Holy Spirit, we have the obligation to share the Good News of salvation to all and to work for the welfare of the others. Only by loving others, we are sure to come closer to God. We need to come out of all the slavery and our addictions in order to liberate the others. We too need to sharpen the image of God to transform, enrich and enlighten others. May the Lord help us to love God so as to love ourselves and others without any reservations, prejudices and condition. May you have a good day God bless you.

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