It is 23rd January 2020. The readings are from 1 Samuel 18:6-9, 19:1-7 and the Gospel from Mark 3:7-12. Is someone talking ill of you behind your back? Is someone envying you? Are there jealous persons abusing you as a person and your achievements? When we have a friend like Jonathan in our life to shield us, we have nothing to worry. People who hate us for no reason are surely around us. When people avoid us, speak nothing good about us, gossiping behind our back, listening to the one-sided complaints from others to attack us and finding opportunities to humiliate us, we need to know and strengthen ourselves that we have done the right thing that attracts them. Envying persons are wounded persons. We need to pray for them when we are basking in glory and success. We must not engage in any activity that would hurt the envying persons. Envy weakens one’s judgments on other and shrink wraps love for the other to suffocate them from far. Envy is a contagious sickness that can attack us top to bottom in all levels of life whether we are rich or poor, royal or loyal. Envy silences and steals our bubbling joy and inner peace. Envious people are the most narcissist, feeling insecure, and undisciplined. Jealous persons are so mean and low that they could harm our fame not our character. Jealousy and envy are the disease of the soul found possibly in any person. If it is found in a religious or a spiritual person, then it is harmful to the entire humanity. Jealousy and envy are the silent monsters that reside in all of us; if it is triggered then it spits out the utmost irrationality with flames of anger and annihilation. More we get exposed, more we become vulnerable to jealousy and envy. With enough prayer and the support of the Holy Spirit, we can face it all. The responsorial Psalm intercedes, “In God I trust, I shall not fear.” (Ps.55:5). Fame and popularity of Jesus attracted the attacks from all sides even from the unclean spirit in the Gospel. Many people followed him for their own reasons. A successful, busy and famous person pulls the wrong crowd along with the right ones. Jesus experienced the hatred of Pharisees. Recognition from all sides brought joy to Jesus as well as the eyes of evil. Let us remember the wisdom of Sirach: “Jealousy and anger shorten a person’s life, and anxiety brings old age before its time.” (Sir. 30:24). May the Lord help us to deal with the issues of jealousy and envy in our life. May we walk the talk by believing and living what we have believed. Have a good day. God bless you.

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