It is 13th April 2020. The readings are from Acts 2:14, 22-33; and the Gospel from Matthew 28:8-15. Today’s readings underline two trends in the post resurrection moments. There is a miracle and there is a mockery in the story of resurrection. There is a true story of resurrection and a proposed false story of the same. There is a profession of truth by women who witnessed the empty tomb while silencing and spreading the false story for money by the soldiers. We too have in ourselves real self and false self. It is needless to argue what travels faster in our world. The recent research proves that in the social media environment, people tweet and retweet the fake news and misinformation faster and the number of followers and people who forward the false news without backchecking are growing enormously. Truth tickles and deepens the conscience. Jonathan Swift wrote, “Falsehood flies, and the Truth comes limping after it.” Deb Roy, director of MIT’s Laboratory for Social Machines, told the Associated Press “No matter how you slice it, falsity wins out.” There are two sides or more to a story but for the truth there is just one and only side. We humans tend to promote unconsciously the false than the truth. We are slow, sluggish and stranded when reaching out to truth. Lies are contagious and poisonous while truth is medicinal and bitter. Lies darkens our life on the contrary truth sets us free and fly high. In the first reading, St. Peter so boldly stood for truth. It is the maiden apostolic kerygma of public profession of faith in the Risen Lord. He pointed out to them that the very person whom they humiliated, crucified, and condemned to death is risen and alive. Hence, they need to acknowledge Jesus, as the Risen Lord and be converted to believe in truth and follow Him. In order to be a witness to truth, we need to believe and promote truth. “God raised this man Jesus to life and all of us are witnesses to that.” (Acts.2:33). We each one is called to be the witnesses to the Risen Lord. We need to live a life of truth not lies. Our words and action need to be truthful, honest and transparent than full of lies, contradictions and cloudy. The responsorial Psalm intercedes, “Keep me safe, O God; you are my refuge.” (Ps.16:1). The Gospel presents us with two sides of the story: true one and false one . Truth does not come out in pompous with bombardment of noise and celebration. Truth comes in awe and in joy. Jesus is truly risen and He lives among us. Believing in Him means seeing Him in us and others. The risen Lord is going in front of us meeting the chosen ones. Which story is resonating in our personal life in the light of the resurrection? What does the resurrection mean for us personally? Do we believe when women tell the truth? Or do we easily pull towards the lies spread by a group of people in power? Truth can stand its ground on its own while lies needs legs to have grip. May the Lord bless us to stand for truth. May you have a good day and God bless you.
Let us Pray: Lord Jesus, as we are faced with the contagion of lies, help us to recognize your presence in the ordinary situation of life. We believe that you are alive and present among us. Bless, heal, and protect us all who are exposed to this pandemic. Help us to believe that you are the Truth, Life and Light for our suffering humanity. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord.

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