It is 4th May 2020. The readings are from Acts 11:1-18; and the Gospel from John 10:11-18. The first reading narrates a new situation in the growing Church. Some people wanted the Apostle Peter to behave the way they deemed correct. We are too quick to condemn and wish to propose a correction to the leaders and those who are in the helm. But the leaders are guided by the Holy Spirit to do things that never struck the mind of the others. A good shepherd thinks of the welfare of the whole group not a particular point of view that serves a limited leading people. St. Peter boldly sets tone to stand up for God. “Who am I to stand in God’s way?” (Acts.11:17). As long as there are people who think that they are better informed, highly educated, having a status different from the other, they wish to impose something on the other especially on the leadership. The Holy Spirit descends on all. At times we find it hard to believe that the outsiders and the newcomers do not have the anointing like that of those who have been in the Church or institution from the start. God does not belong to one group. God does not offer God’s gifts looking at the skin, color, race, affluence, influence and affiliation. We just need to come to terms with the style and the approach of the leadership. Early hiccups cannot remain as hindrance for the growth of the Church or any institution for that matter. The responsorial Psalm Praises, “My soul is thirsting for the living God.” (Ps. 41:2). The Gospel supports the experience of St. Peter. “And I have other sheep, that are not of this fold; I must bring them also, and they will heed my voice. So, there shall be one flock, one shepherd.” (Jn.10:16). The intention of Jesus was not limited to one particular group that listens, knows and responds but the other that are outside is so significant for the work of the good Shepherd. May all our intentions to work for the Church be for one that unites and to take everyone on board to continue the vision of Jesus to have one Church, one Leader and one mission. Let us not try to destroy Church innocently, ignorantly and intentionally. May we allow our leaders to lead the Church the way God wants not the way we wish. May you have a good day. God bless you.

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