It is 16th May 2020.
The readings are from Acts 16:1-10; and the Gospel from John 15:18-21.
Revision, revisiting, and regrouping strengthens the memories and creating a new bonding.
We begin reflecting from the second missionary journey of Paul.
The differences arise between Paul and Barnabas in view of including Mark in the journey.
Since Paul had a difference of opinion, they decided to pair it differently to continue the work of the Lord.
Paul went along with Silas while Barnabas with Mark.
Differences help us to be creative and to look for new way of working.
It is not just who we are working with matters, but for whom and how we are working is important.
We like some people but a lot of people do not like us.
Divisions, differences of opinions, and conflicts are not breakdowns but it leads us to have a breakthrough.
If it is the will of God to suffer and go through pain and suffering, we are in the right direction.
Growth cannot be stopped by the dust of divisions.
In one place we are embraced and in another expelled.
The Church sets foot in Europe by the hard work of Paul.
The responsorial Psalm intercedes, “Let all the earth cry out to God with joy.” (Ps: 99:1)
The Gospel teaches us to face a world that hates.
We all wish to love the world. In return, we want us to be honored and respected as the Church.
But that is not the case everywhere.
Can we continue love when love is not reciprocal?
We are chosen to make a difference as a believer in Christ.
“Servants are not greater than their master.” (Jn. 15:20).
We will not be better treated than our master.
Friendship with Jesus leads us to sacrifice something special for him.
It is enough to resemble the master.
Whatever the pain and problems we need to go through, we can go through with the help of the Holy Spirit and for the love of Jesus.
May you have a good day. God bless you.

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