It is 26th May 2020. We celebrate the memorial of St Philip Neri, Priest.
The readings are from Acts 20:17-27; and the Gospel from John 17:1-11
We have just heard famous last words of Jesus as a priestly prayer and of St Paul’s farewell discourse as he left Ephesus to Rome in today’s readings.
Whether we like it or not, we all have to leave one day our relationship, career, profession, and even life we treasured most. It is all question of time.
We savor happiness at the shadows of sufferings in our life. Obstacles do not hinder our vision of life when we have our destination and dream to be near God and suffering humanity marked out clearly.
“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” —Albert Einstein
To keep moving, we need to keep up the pace with God and humanity.
God is not interested in winning over us but God is concerned that we must not lose the battle with sin, suffering, and evil.
Reaching God and to taste eternal life is not possible when we are stuck, stubborn, and stabbed by sin.
Teasing pain, and suffering do not reduce it but by greasing it with love for God and compassion for suffering humanity.
The Spirit of truth will lead us to face the complete truth. (Jn.16:13). The Holy Spirit enhances our vision of God and longing to reach the shore at the other end.
It is the time to take an inventory of our life. does our life balance in God? Or do we have a shortfall of love, compassion, kindness, mercy and forgiveness?
Would we be contented and satisfied for having completed the task or the responsibility entrusted by God to us so far personally?
Both Jesus and Paul had the job satisfaction and fulfilment of the mission.
“I glorified you on earth by finishing the work that you gave me to do.” (Jn.17:41).
To achieve this we all need single-mindedness, faithfulness, conviction, commitment and willingness to glorify God in all we do and say.
The responsorial Psalm sings, “Sing to God, O kingdoms of the earth.” (Ps.67:32).
As Jesus leaves the world, he prayed for his mission, the immediate and the future disciples.
Prayer eases all our fear and offers the inner stamina to face the rear.
Jesus glorified God in His resurrection; Paul imitated Jesus through the ministry;(1 Cor.11:1) who do we emulate and glorify in our life?
It is time to look back and see how far are we from God and humanity.
When we have not yet mastered love enough, how could we go on catering hatred in response to the evil around?
Jim Reeves sang in his song, “Where Do I Go From Here.”
“Lead me through the darkness and through each gloomy day. Take my hand, oh, precious Lord and help me on my way. Give me strength that I might find abiding faith and peace of mind and I won’t ask where do I go from here? May our life glorify God. May you have a good day. God bless you.

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